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About Me

Who is Lilith?

I like my coffee black, my rock hard, and my martinis dirty

Humour is my cup of tea, and my life is constantly punctuated with ongoing jokes with my loved ones. I believe profoundly in authenticity and always remain 100% true to my values in my companionship. Some of the most meaningful traits in lovers and friends alike are empathy, kindness, open-mindedness, self-awareness, and not taking oneself too seriously.


I was once asked what my passions were, and without a second thought, I responded, “People.”


This statement rings true in every sense: People genuinely are my passion. I remain fascinated by sociology and the studies of societal norms and evolutions. On a personal level, nothing brings me more joy than interacting and getting to know people in an authentic environment. Throughout my life, this has translated to my professional life being intricately connected to human connections of all kinds. It culminated in realizing that I enjoy almost nothing more than providing meaningful companionship to those around me.


As an independent escort, I fit best into the category of classic mistress. I long and love spending countless hours indulging each other in our mental and physical discovery of what makes each other tick. My specialty lies in accompanying distinguished gentlemen (and occasionally their wives!) on business trips as a discreet travel companion who can transform your cold lonely hotel nights into warm, cozy moments of sensuality and delight.

Why I do what I do

Simply put, I love being a lover.


There is nothing more enthralling than feeling that desire bubble inside of you, undressing each other with our eyes, and imagining how we dream of discovering one another.


While I consider myself somewhat of a sapiosexual, I am also a voracious physical creature. I’m very sensitive to the touch of experienced lovers and often lose myself in the heightened sensuality that intimate encounters provide. To me, intimacy is exquisite, and I am a master in the art of opening a new world to my lovers who dream of experiencing something real and profound. Intimacy is more than just physical; it’s a work of art to be created together, with every touch, every moan, and every laugh. As an individual with synaesthesia, making love becomes a veritable tapestry of shapes and colours. Sometimes it resembles a psychedelic rock poster from the 70s, and other times it feels like the gentle ripples of a stone’s on the surface of a crystalline lake. Every experience is unique, and every experience is incredible.


In my personal life, I am ethically non-monogamous and happily engaged with some incredible humans who all share my love for sex and intimacy (one of whom you can request Toronto duos with here!). As one of my partners once said, loving more than one person isn’t hard; when you think there’s no room for anything else, your heart doubles like the grinch to accommodate your newfound love.


I yearn and love to share that experience with my paramours, and while our relationship may have well-defined boundaries, you will get the same version of me that my loves get daily in every one of our encounters.

Photo of a tattooed blonde female-bodied person wearing pink lingerie who is sitting on a staircase against a dark green wall.

What do I like?

I am a gastronomy enthusiast, and the two quickest ways to my heart are undoubtedly through delicious meals and indulging me with your favourite dad jokes.


During my free time and travels, I love going to museums (In particular natural history! Dinos, anyone?) and art galleries. Another favourite pastime of mine while abroad is seeking out original and exciting cocktail bars (like Dutch Courage in Amsterdam, where I made the acquaintance of Jenever!). Last but not least, I am a season holder to both the Montreal Opera and the Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal, and nothing enthralls me more than a classical music performance in a world-class concert hall. Overall, if you are a worldly individual who appreciates good food, culture, and history, we will be a great match!


If you are specifically interested in what makes me tick in other ways, I have a private page available to suitors who have successfully pre-screened, so if you haven’t yet, get on that screening to discover even more of me! 😘

A few of my favourite things

Oddities & Curiosities
Haruki Murakami books
The (non-)colour black
Long hikes in the mountains
Baudelaire’s poetry
Handcrafted leather goods
A good Saint-Emilion Grand Cru de Bordeaux
Midnight by Archibald Lampman
Wild roses
Le Genie Orange wine
1960s and 70s American rock & folk
The silence of the woods
Skinny dipping
Short-grained brown rice topped with feta cheese and olive oil
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