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How to book a successful date:

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Read this page

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Fill the booking form

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Send screening info

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Make a deposit

A few important things

Before Booking

Considering spending some quality time with me? 😊


Well-mannered individuals who screen quickly and give hassle-free deposits will immediately gain my respect and extra appreciation. Please read the contents of this page in its entirety before reaching out via email.

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Please read all the tabs in this section thoroughly before booking.

Before booking, please ensure you have read through the “About Me” page and my “Companionship” page to get a better sense of my style and services.

As a matter of personal preference, I do not offer hourly rates because I have the privilege to do so. However, I offer to return clients the possibility of booking shorter dates at my discretion. Two-hour dates are only available during the day, and longer dates will always be prioritized.

Due to my limited availability, it is nearly impossible to accept same-day bookings for several reasons, one of which is that I am swamped. If my schedule happens to have an opening that a client didn’t book, I tend to use that time for other things. Secondly, as I require real-world information for screening, I need time to do my due diligence. It is improbable that I would be able to screen you the day of. Lastly, since I don’t have a regular incall location, it may be challenging to book something last minute, if needed.

If you are the type of person who travels to Montreal last minute or enjoys booking on a whim, consider pre-screening with me ahead of time and having your deposit ready to go when you send your booking request.

My packages are non-negotiable, and emails from inquiring suitors containing words such as “discount,” “exception,” “lowered,” “too high,” “too expensive,” “can’t afford,” as well as any obscenities or swear words will go straight to my spam folder and never be seen.

Please respectfully engage with me, as I promise to do with you.


If you prefer to email me directly for your booking, you can send all of the required information requested in the form to lilithember@protonmail.com.


I do not offer specific “flavours,” and if acronyms are essential to you, I am probably not the best provider to book.


As a profoundly sensual and sexual being, I like letting things unfold naturally and letting our chemistry develop organically, wherever that may take us. I enjoy all types of encounters and experiences and genuinely love connecting with people who appreciate the same. As one would with any consenting relationship, I expect us to have a friendly chat about boundaries and likes and dislikes throughout our initial meeting. I enjoy playing with couples at no extra cost (although tips are always appreciated for the extra effort!).


While I love the kink world and am very comfortable with many aspects, kink is not something I typically explore in any way, shape or form on a first or even second date. For me, it involves immense amounts of trust (as a top as much as a bottom), and I have no interest in offering “kink experiences” to clients who have no interest in building an ongoing relationship.


Many friends and fellow companions offer professional kink elements to their full-service packages. They will be a much better fit than me if that is something specific you’re looking for.

Payments & Deposits

I require real-world ID screenings for all new clients, with no exceptions. References from fellow providers are an appreciated addition, but they can in no way replace the real-world information I require for screening. I do things this way so you can get the best, most confident and relaxed version of me and ensure my safety.


If you are booking for a couple, both parties must provide adequate ID to book my services successfully.


I am a professional who makes a living keeping people’s adulterous lives a secret, and I believe in respect and privacy, both given and received. To ensure the highest level of privacy, I only use secure and encrypted means of communication for bookings (protonmail for emails and Signal for text). I do not store personal information, and I will delete it once you’ve successfully passed screening.

A 50% deposit is required from all suitors, with no exceptions. (The balance owing must be paid in full at the beginning of our encounter.) Please visit my FAQ page for more information on how to proceed with a deposit.


Suppose you’re more of a traditional individual. In that case, you know the drill by now, and I would ask that you please place my commission in an unsealed greeting card envelope, if possible, accompanied by the poetry book of your choosing. If you’d like to proceed with a form of electronic payment upon our meeting, please do so immediately after we sit down by apologizing and explaining that you’re just “finishing up a work email.” (Interac E-transfers are the only accepted payment methods for this scenario as transfers are immediate and verifiable.) I will use it as a cue to check my phone for your successful transaction.


Electronic payments in full ahead of our rendezvous are highly encouraged for returning suitors. The ease of not having to do the traditional “excuse me/excuse you” scenario in which one of us politely goes to freshen up makes things much less stressful for both parties and helps things feel much more organic.


Currency is 1:1 if paying in USD or EUR.


If you need to cancel our date, given at least 48h notice, your deposit will be transferred to another date within the following month.


If you cancel within 48h of our date, half of your deposit will be transferred towards a new booking, and the remaining half of your deposit will be kept as compensation for my time and a late cancellation fee.


If you cancel within 24h of our date, the entirety of the deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee. I completely understand that emergencies sometimes happen, but due to the limited quantity of availability I offer, a cancelled date within that timeframe is a guaranteed loss of income that I can’t make up.


Deposits are only refundable in the rare case that I need to cancel and only if they were paid via e-transfer. Any deposits paid in other ways will be transferred to a future date instead.


I am fully vaccinated and have had one booster shot so far, and I expect clients to be, at the very least, double vaccinated.


It is as much for your safety as my own as I have individuals in my life who are not eligible for vaccination. 

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Whether you’re new to companionship, looking to fly me to you or simply wondering what a date together will look like, this section holds all the answers.
Tours & FMTY

While I am based out of Montreal, I regularly travel to Toronto and can generally accommodate bookings in Toronto with at least a week’s notice. If I didn’t already have a trip planned, a booking outside of my announced tours requires coverage of transport fees to be added to the deposit. 


I travel to certain US cities multiple times a year (mainly New England and occasionally the Bay Area), as well as a select few cities in Europe. My European trips vary, but I am primarily based out of Geneva when I am there and often visit France, and Italy at the same time.


Dinner dates are the minimum required bookings for FMTY, as well as upfront coverage of flights and hotel costs.


As a veteran provider who is as real as it gets, I will happily take the edge off and be your first foray into the magical world of companionship. I am a talkative little creature and am always stoked to teach newcomers about best practices, safety, and expectations. Being a good client goes a long way when a community is as tight-knight as we have.


If you are still doing your research, are a bit anxious or have questions about booking a provider, Ms. April Rose has written an excellent piece on booking an escort for the first time.


At my discretion, I offer outcalls to upscale residences in downtown Montreal and adjacent neighbourhoods: Vieux-Montréal, Outremont, Plateau Mont-Royal, and Westmount. (My outcall radius is roughly 3km from the Monument Sir George Etienne Cartier). 


If you want us to spend time at your residence after our meal, the exact address must be provided during your booking so that I can also use that information as part of your screening process.

Virtual Services

I do not offer virtual services, textversations or video chats.


While I am happy to stay in touch with regular clients (an email here and there, a few periodic notes saying, “Hey, this made me think of you!”, etc.), I find it exhausting to maintain a regular conversation with anyone.


I am of the generation that grew up with a single landline in the kitchen when it was impossible to know where a person was unless you had made plans with them beforehand. If the answering machine was full, there was no knowing when you’d next hear from someone!


My lovers and friends know not to take it personally when it takes me a week to get back to a text message they sent, and I expect the same patience from suitors.


I accept clients from all walks of life and do not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, sexuality, body type, neurodivergence, socio-economic status, ability, or other isms. If you require special accommodations or have different accessibility needs, please let me know in the booking form.


While I love how enthusiastic young suitors can be, I do not accept clients under 25.


While I immensely love receiving feedback and thank you notes from lovers, I appreciate the privacy of our encounters remaining between us. It’s a massive turn-off for me when people brag or recount every gritty detail of an intimate encounter they’ve had with a person, regardless of whether it’s in companionship or otherwise. Most people would find it deplorable to review a “normal” date like that.

Review boards feel like the equivalent of cattle shows where we’re judging the livestock on arbitrary factors that make or break a “best of the show.” I am not a dog; I am not livestock; I am not a concept. I am a living, breathing human (or perhaps alien, the jury’s still out on that one!), and I enjoy being treated like such. In exchange, I offer you the same tasteful discretion and respect. Even if our encounters only exist within defined boundaries, they are still real life to me.

If you’d like to share your positive experience of our time with the world, I always welcome emails to that effect and will happily share an anonymous screenshot on my social feed if that makes you happy.


As with any of my services, intimacy and building natural chemistry are very important to me, whether with one other person or a room full of sexy bodies. 


I prefer quality over quantity in my personal life. Aside from my two long-term partners, I have a few people with whom I cultivate significant relationships in all sorts of contexts. I also work very closely with many providers in an advocacy and activist capacity, and I prefer, in most cases, not to blur those lines more than necessary. 


I sometimes make exceptions for returning clients if they have a regular provider they love with whom they think I would vibe well. In those cases, I would expect the client to pay for a providers-only social date to see if we’d be a good duo match for them.


While I do not offer traditional duos, my Sapphic Sensuality experience provides a unique opportunity for you to play with me and my life partner, Ms. Sophie Rose. You can learn more on my Companionship page.


While gifts are never expected, I always appreciate a special “thank you” when it feels right. 


You can find the complete list of the things I love here.

A typical date?

No encounters are the same, just as no two people are alike. Every time, my goal is to make sure that we enjoy the maximum of each other’s presence and share intimacy and laughter and joy.


As a body-positive, sex-positive individual, I genuinely enjoy sharing many facets of sexuality and intimacy with people. The journey is fun, but everything leading up to it is part of the adventure. I promise you will feel comfortable and reassured when we meet. 😊


One of the reasons I insist on lunch or dinner dates is to make sure we take the time to talk about all sorts of things, our desires, fantasies, comfort levels, and worries. My goal is always to ensure you feel the most confidence going into our date that you will have a great time.


If you’d like a play-by-play of a typical lunch or dinner date, they generally go something like this:


6:25 PM – A handsome gentleman nervously awaits his date at the upscale restaurant he’s invited her to. He continuously checks his watch, worried she will not find the restaurant or ghost him. He plays with his fingernails and rearranges the cutlery multiple times, discreetly, so no one will see him fidgeting.


6:27 PM – Two minutes have passed, but it seems like hours, nay, eons have passed since he last checked his watch.


6:28 PM – A rustle of fabric passes through the front door. He eagerly lifts his head in anticipation, but it is not his awaited beauty.


6:35 PM – Like old clockwork, she awkwardly fumbles through the door and laughs at herself for being so clumsy. Her smile radiates outwards; he can sense her warmth from the entrance. He sighs in relief, not realizing he had been holding his breath slightly in anticipation.


6:35 PM – After an initial hug hello and a customary “you look great! no, you look great!” exchange, she sits across from him and apologizes for being fashionably late. She explains it because of her European upbringing and that being late is the norm in France.


7:30 PM – As the evening passes, the awkwardness slowly dissipates into a gentle flow of laughter, smiles and endless questions about each other’s lives and passions. Each course is better than the last and being together feels like the most natural thing.


7:45 PM – “So, what do you like?” she asks coyly. He tells her about his sexual fantasies and the things that make him tick. She shares in return how her body responds and the things she loves.


9:00 PM – By the time they’ve ordered dessert, the tension is palpable. They may not be saying anything, but they both know the other is fantasizing about undressing them.


9:30 PM – The bill has been paid, a generous tip has been left to our fantastic wait staff, and off we go to settle into each other’s arms for a few hours of a passionate embrace.


9:45 PM – Arrival at the hotel. Giggles as we flirt in the elevator and laugh our way towards our room.


9:50 PM – While he heads to the bathroom for the customary pre-coitus shower, she quickly changes into the fancy lingerie she’s brought because she typically doesn’t wear a bra on dates.


9:55 PM – Body thoroughly scrubbed (everywhere!) and mouth freshly washed, he emerges from the bathroom to find a bombshell awaiting him to finish their evening in style.


– Scene – (Everyone claps)

When would you like to meet?

Availability & Tours

Please note that this calendar only reflects my presence in the highlighted city. If a day is greyed out, it means I have already been booked or am unavailable for bookings during that timeframe.


While I do my best to update this calendar regularly, this calendar may not reflect my live availability. Please note that your preferred date may already be booked.


I will propose alternate availabilities if I am not available for your preferred date.

  • Montreal
  • Toronto (+Duos)
  • SF & Hawaii
  • Vancouver
  • Booked

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Ready to rock ‘n roll?

Book Me For a Date
Your phone number will not be used unless our booking is confirmed.
(*) These services are only available to returning clients. If you request them as a first-time client, I will consider that you have not read my etiquette section and your request will be ignored.
If you are self-employed and don't have a company website, please enter your LinkedIn URL.

Please upload a scan of at least 1 (one) piece of valid government ID and a photo of yourself (selfie) holding the same piece of ID.
1. By using this booking form or emailing booking@lilithember.com, I acknowledge that I have read the contents of both the "Booking" and the "About Me" pages.

2. I understand that none of the services on this website offer sexual services in exchange for monetary compensation. The rates aforementioned are exclusively for time and companionship. Any explicit or sexual acts that happen during our time together are private acts between two consenting adults.

3. I confirm that I am fully vaccinated (at least two doses) against COVID-19.

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