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Why deposits?

I believe both our time is precious and from the moment you book a date with me, I’m already in the planning stages of how to have the best time possible. The nature of my offerings is such that I rarely see multiple patrons on any given day, and I make myself fully available to you for our booking, which means making arrangements in my personal life when need be to ensure you have my undivided attention.

All in all, I believe it’s a mark of respect and something that keeps us both accountable for having a perfect date. If you are serious about going on a date together, then I don’t really see where the difference lies in paying partially in advance to secure your spot, (like you would with any artist you were commissioning).

How to pay deposits?

For Canadian suitors:

  • E-transfers (preferred)
  • Gift Card(s) (of my choosing)
  • Crypto (SpankPay)


For international suitors:

  • Crypto (SpankPay)
  • Gift Card(s)
  • P*yP*l


An unrelated email will be provided for e-transfers. Please note that deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred towards another date if given at least 48h notice. See the question below for more information on my cancellation policy.

What happens to my deposit if I cancel?

If you need to cancel our date, if given at least 48h notice, your deposit can be used to secure another date within the following month.

In the event that you cancel within 48h of our date, half of your deposit may be transferred towards a new booking, and the remaining half of your deposit will be kept as compensation for my time and a late cancellation fee.


If you cancel within 24h of our date, the entirety of the deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee. I completely understand that emergencies sometimes happen, but due to the limited quantity of availability I offer, a cancelled date within that timeframe is a guaranteed loss of income that can’t be made up.


Deposits are only refundable in the rare case that I need to cancel and only if they were paid via e-transfer. Any deposits paid in other ways will be transferred to a future date instead.

What do you require for screening?

For a successful screening, I require the following information provided in my booking form:

  1. A scan or legible photo of a valid piece of photo ID.
  2. A selfie or timed photo of you holding that precise ID (your face must be visible).
  3. The name of your employer.
  4. Your social media handles (if you have any).

While references from other providers cannot replace the whole screening, they are always appreciated as a bonus.

Where do you like to stay?

Are your photos accurate?

I see this question coming up a lot, which is surprising because I show my face, so it’s not like I can fake having a face, can I?


Yes, my photos are accurate. I take great pride in being a provider whose photos have very minimal editing. Many of the images on this site have no photoshopping, and I have voluntarily left all my beautiful wrinkles and skin rolls for clients to see what I will truly look like during our bookings.


As a person in their mid-thirties, I have the undeniable signs of a life well-lived, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. My smile lines show just how much I love to laugh, as do the crow’s feet by my eyes.


For those gentlemen asking if I can send additional photos or if I will video chat with them before a booking to “prove it’s me,” please move on to your next person to criticize because I have no time for time-wasters.

Female-bodied white person sitting on a white rug who is wearing a black and pink skirt and holding up a cream coloured bra
Photo of a female-bodied person in a black dress sitting on the floor with their dog.

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