Anisoptera – For J

Anisoptera – For J

Ephemeral emerald iridescence
Envelops the fragility of your oblong form
Barely seen, a flutter of translucent wings
Surrenders your position, caught in a ray of light
Enticed by the Succubus, like a moth to a flame

Your many eyes see beyond her carnal shell
Contemplating the woes of the disconnected
Shimmering belonging, you glisten in the sun
Of the one you love, now, then, and tomorrow
Until the cycle starts anew; a natural order
Reborn from the cold, dark, depths of the pond.

© 2019 Lilith Ember All Rights Reserved

  • February 13, 2019

    Lilith, I knew by asking you to write about the elusive Dragonfly would conjure a myriad of levels. First, it’s physical description, followed by what it sees in its eyes. The desire is to always hover and follow close, muse or otherwise My favorite line dealt with “Love-now, then and tomorrow” succinctly divine Ms., thank you.

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