Absences & Influences

An absence of the mind,
brings thoughtful possessions
of dancing tongues
to a staggering halt
at the foot of a mountain.

A mountain of emotions,
so steep and slippery and tall
one might as well be swallowing soap
and trying to fly upwards
floating atop bubbles of bile.

An influence of the Universe,
vast and fearless in her knowledge
pushes Lilith to move on, evermore
beyond understanding and will,
she cries and begs it all to stop.

A peaceful anguish in knowing nothing,
desperately searching for meaning
in the heart ache and the projection
of loved ones gone and forgotten,
Lilith stands alone, once more, forever.

© 2019 Lilith Ember All Rights Reserved

Published by


I am the passion that haunts you when life seems too smooth.

One thought on “Absences & Influences”

  1. Whooooo…
    Il touche…
    A la fois un Fort. Intérieur. Puissant.
    Et aussi une vaste plaine. Très vaste. Juste le vent.
    Un vent qui caresse la muraille du Fort.
    Et fait ondule les herbes et arbres de la vaste plaine.
    Et pourtant.
    Dans les déserts ainsi que les humains nomment,
    Il y a toujours quelque chose.
    On ne le voit pas.
    Mais là il l’est.

    Miss G touchée…


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